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How do I select which waterproofing system I should specify for the project I’m working on?

There are so many considerations to the correct selection of waterproofing that it can certainly be confusing.  All the following elements impact on the options available to you; weight loading; thermal efficiency, wind uplift, finished build-up height, life expectancy, durability required depending on access levels and rooftop sited plant and equipment, guarantee duration.  The best way to ensure you have the correct system is to talk with your local Bauder contact. 
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I need a lightweight waterproofing system, what are my options?

There are two flat roof waterproofing options for projects that have a consideration for weight loading. Single ply uses synthetic membranes welded over the span of the roof and cold applied liquid utilises resins to create a homogenous waterproof layer. Both can be installed with insulation for a warm roof construction or without for a cold roof.
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Who installs your flat roof systems?

We have a network of approved contractors that are permitted to install our systems. Each company must possess the technical expertise and operational facilities to maintain an efficient and well-run site. Additionally, their installers are individually trained specifically in the application of our products, so you are ensured an expert installation that meets the criteria for our guarantee. 
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What does a Bauder roof guarantee cover?

Our guarantee covers all elements of our products, as well as all design features we were involved in and the installation of the system when carried out by one of our approved installers.  We provide a guarantee on all our projects and the duration reflects the system, its life expectancy and building requirements.

Can I use your cold applied liquid system in an inverted roof construction?

Yes you can use our LiquiTEC in an inverted roof construction on both new build and refurbishment projects.  You will need to use an insulation manufactured from polystyrene as it possesses the specific properties that can cope with the environmental demands that will be placed upon it and of course the insulation will require a form of ballast either as a green roof, pebbles or paving.  
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What are the TEC DUO products that feature in your waterproofing systems?

These are our patented range of products that have been developed to make installation faster, safer, simpler and more secure than previously possible.  The patented technology features heat-activated and self-adhesive application. For example, the BauderTHERM DS1 DUO vapour barrier has a self-adhesive underside that adheres to the deck, colour coded laps that are welded to form a seal across the roof and an upper side with heat activated bonding stripes of bitumen that provide the adhesive required for installing the insulation.