Your questions on designing a new flat roof

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How can I create falls on the roof without designing them into the deck?

Tapered insulation is one of the most cost-effective methods of introducing a fall to a flat roof. It is also significantly lighter than screed to falls solutions and does not suffer from lengthy drying times. 
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How do I start designing a green roof? There seems to so be many things to consider.

There are a lot of points to consider, and the place to start is to establish what finish the green roof is to have.  What is it to look like and who will access it?  Do you need to meet any planning conditions and would you also like to add PV to the roof?  
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I need help on designing a difficult detail, can you help me?

Absolutely. Just call out technical team for advice on how to create the detail for your project on 01473 257671.

What Bauder waterproofing systems hold BBA certification?

We have BBA certification on the following waterproofing systems and if you follow the links you can download the certificates from the webpage.
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I want to achieve a U Value of 0.18 W/m²K on a plywood deck with warm roof construction but have a maximum build up height of 150mm. What do you suggest I specify?

You have a couple of choices with regard to insulation type and waterproofing systems. Our bituminous, single ply and cold liquid applied will all work within your height constriants and can be used in warm roof designs.  Your choice of insulation is a little more restricted and will be primarily between PIR flatboard or foli-faced PIR FA-TE.  The exact combinations of both waterproofing and insulation can be determined by what needs the building has for durability, weight loading and life expectancy. 
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To meet BREEAM and planning requirements both a green roof and PV need to be specified. I can't compromise on the roof area for the green roof as the full space needs to be vegetated. How can I deliver both?

We have a solution that combines the technologies enabling both to be installed without one compromising the other.  Bauder BioSOLAR is an integrated solution where the anchor board for the PV mounting rails is ballasted by the substrate and vegetation of the extensive/biodiverse green roof.  The PV modules are raised above the vegetation so that there is ample growing room for the plants so that they don't shade the modules and light and moisture can reach beneath the panel to support the plants.  
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