Individually planted extensive green roof

When to specify...

Lightweight extensive green roof option incorporating individually planted vegetation, usually sedums, grasses, herbs, succulents and wildflowers.  Our British native plugs can be planted to accommodate colour or layout designs to the client's preference.

    Product Data

plug planted extensive green roof construction

1 Plug plants - individually selected British native plants to meet desired finish download vegetation information
2 Extensive substrate - usually 100 mm deep to support the selected plants download Extensive Substrate datasheet
3 Filter Fleece download filter fleece datasheet
4 DSE 40 water retention and drainage layer download DSE 40 datasheet
5 FSM 600 protection layer download FSM 600 datasheet
6 PE Foil separation layer download PE Foil datasheet
  • Key features
      Plant selection is bespoke to the project and can incorporate native species
       vegetation to gain BREEAM credits
    •  Broad palette of plants for varied aesthetic appearance
      Storm water management capacity
      Substrate is extremely lightweight
      Drainage layer and substrate keep system weight to minimum
  • Benefits
      Provides a foraging site for bees during flowering
      Cost effective on large roofs
      System helps mitigate flooding
      Substrate meets FLL European Standards
      Low weight system allows for design flexibility
  • Approvals, certification and guarantee
      Guaranteed waterproofing and green roof components
      Substrate, filtration layers and drainage boards comply with FLL guidelines
  • Environmental credentials
      Substrates include a high proportion of recycled crushed brick and aggregate
      Protection, filtration and isolation layers manufactured from recycled materials
      DSE40 is manufactured from recycled polyethylene
  • Installation and maintenance
    The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.