Individual Plug Plants

When to specify...

Individual Plug Plants are used when the client wishes to choose a particular type and species of vegetation. The 'plugs' are varieties of sedums, grasses, herbs and perennials and are planted by hand to the required density. The more plugs per square metre, the faster the vegetation will establish to cover the roof entirely.

Key features

■□ Broad palette of plants for varied aesthetic appearance.
■□ Plants chosen to suit the project and location.
■□ Deep drainage and substrate layers enable excellent water retention to aid SuDs requirements.
■□ Aid to planning consent as biodiversity roofs help to meet local authority policies towards a sustainable environment 
■□ Substrate is extremely lightweight.
■□ Drainage layer and substrate keep system weight to minimum.


■□ Provides a foraging site for bees during flowering.
■□ Allows completely bespoke planting.
■□ System helps mitigate flooding.
■□ Substrate meets FLL European Standards.
■□ Lightweight system allows for design flexibility.


  Function Product name Thickness
1 Vegetation BauderGREEN Plugs 30-40 24
2 Substrate BauderGREEN SUB-EM UK 80 96
3 Filteration layer BauderGREEN FV 125 100 1 0.13
4 Drainage layer BauderGREEN DSE 20 20 8.6
5 Protection layer BauderGREEN FSM 600 4 3.6
Green roof system build-up 135 - 145 134
6 Bauder Waterproofing Options for Bituminous membrane, Hot Melt, Single ply or Cold applied liquid systems. Not included Nort included
In-depth and up-to-date product specific technical data is available for each element within a system.
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Approvals, certification and guarantee

■□ Comprehensive range of guarantee packages to fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product
      selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms
​      and conditions.
■□ Substrate, filtration layers and drainage boards comply with FLL guidelines.
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Environmental credentials

■□ Substrates include a high proportion of recycled crushed brick and aggregate.
■□ Protection, filtration and isolation layers manufactured from recycled materials.
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