SB Sedum blanket extensive green roof system

When to specify...

Bauder SB sedum blanket uses the same high quality species mix as was used in our XF301 sedum blanket. The sedum species in the blanket are selected especially to thrive in the demanding environment of green roofs. The mix gives a range of both sun loving and shade tolerant species so that the best species suited for each particular locations and roof orientation will become prominent and surpass those that find the conditions less favourable. Typically this mix includes 10-14 sedum species with some Saxifraga for early spring flowering to support pollinators.


Key features

•  Mature sedum blanket system with a saturated weight of 134 kg/m²
•  Upto 15 sedum species
•  Drought and wind hardy
•  Coir carrier reduces environmental footprint of the roof
•  Installed directly onto the root resistant waterproofing
•  Complete integrated system
•  Substrate is extremely lightweight
•  Moisture retention layer and substrate keep system weight to minimum


•  Quick and easy to install
•  Low maintenance system
•  Instant greening of a roof
•  Cost effective to reduce the outlay of a scheme
•  Suitable for retrofitting on refurbishment roofs
•  Supported by our maintenance service
SB sedum blanket Mature vegetation blanket, sown with a broad variety of sedums.
Extensive substrate  Lightweight growing medium for green roof planting schemes manufactured to FLL guidelines.
3 Filter fleece Polypropylene fleece to prevent substrate fines from entering the drainage element.
DSE 20 water retention and drainage layer Multi-functional water storage and drainage layer, usually infilled with Mineral Drain for loading support and stability.
FSM 600 protection layer Protection layer to prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing system.
5 Bauder waterproofing Single ply or bitumen systems.

Approvals, certification and guarantee

•  Guaranteed waterproofing system and green roof components
•  Fire rating of BROOF(t4) for flat roofs and sloped roofs when tested to TS 1187
•  Substrate, moisture retention and filtration layers meet FLL guidelines

Environmental credentials

•  Substrates include a high proportion of recycled crushed brick and aggregate
•  Moisture retention layer manufactured from recycled materials

Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.

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