LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer

LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer is a is a single pack polyurethane primer for the reactivation of existing LiquiTOP systems, prior to over-coating. It yields excellent adhesion to existing polyurethane coating installations. This enables damage to be repaired, for example, and further coats to be applied on multi-layer systems after the standard over-coating windows have expired. It also enables recoating, at the end of the system’s design life, to provide continuing waterproofing performance.

Where to use LiquTOP Reactivation Primer?

LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer is for use in the Bauder LiquiTOP Roof Systems. It is suitable for use in cold roof and warm roof situations for new build and refurbishment projects.

Product Data Sheet

Technical Data

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Pack 5 litre lift top tin
Appearance Clear liquid
Tin size 5 litre
Application rate 8 - 10m²/L
0.1 - 0.125L/m²
Cure time (approximately) 4 hours
Application temperature 5 to 25°C
Temperature in service -30 to 90°C
Storage temperature 5 to 25°C

Installation guidance

Installation is to be carried out by Bauder Approved Contractors in accordance with the specification and guidelines. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from debris, grease, fungal growth and any other contaminants before use. Apply LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer by brush or lambs-wool roller. LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer should be over-coated with the subsequent LiquiTOP application once the primer is fully cured and tack-free, typically after 4 hours (at 20°C), but within the maximum reactivation period of 48 hours. Avoid intercoat contamination. Existing aged LiquiTOP PU applications must be inspected and any locally damaged areas repaired as required. Thoroughly clean by power washing and allow to dry. The surface must be free from any form of contamination including dirt, moisture or any other chemical or physical contamination. Intercoat contamination must be avoided as it may interfere with adhesion of the subsequent LiquiTOP PU application.

LiquiTOP Reactivation Primer should be stored unopened in a dry condition at a temperature of 5-25°C. When stored correctly as detailed above, the shelf life is a minimum 6 months. When manufactured, the product is protected with a layer of nitrogen prior to despatch. This ensures a storage life of six months, provided that the container is left unopened in a dry condition at a temperature of 5-25°C. The layer of nitrogen will disappear and the product will have a limited life once the container is opened. It is also important to note that carbon dioxide will be given off if water enters the container, which can cause pressurisation.