LiquiTOP PU is a single component, moisture triggered polyurethane, cold applied liquid waterproofing resin, for use in LiquiTOP Roof Systems. It is applied by roller and is fully reinforced with LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat. The moisture triggered technology utilises atmospheric and substrate moisture to initiate the curing mechanism forming a fully cross linked polymeric waterproofing membrane. The LiquiTOP PU is available in two colours, Dark Grey and Mist Grey and each can be used as an embedment coat or top coat.

Where to use LiquiTOP PU?

LiquiTOP PU is used as the waterproofing of the LiquiTOP Roof Systems. It is suitable for use in cold roof and warm roof situations. It is compatible with a variety of roof surfaces, including asphalt, bituminous felt, PVC single-ply, concrete and metals.

Product data sheet

Technical Data

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Drum size 15 litre
Colours Mist Grey (Approx. RAL 7040)
Dark Grey (Approx. RAL 7011)
Ambient and substrate temperature 5 to 35°C
Curing time at 20°C 6-12 approx.
Overcoat time Minimum 6 hours Maximum 5 days, after this period the surface will need to be reactivated. Avoid intercoat contamination
Rain resistance 60 minutes 
Service temperature -30 to +70°C
Storage temperature  5 to 25°C
*Times will be slightly increased at lower temperatures and slightly reduced at higher temperatures.

Installation guidance

Installation is to be carried out by Bauder Approved Contractors in accordance with the specification and guidelines.

Substrate assessment / pre-treatment / preparation: Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry, and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil and any other contamination. The substrate must be assessed, treated, prepared and primed in accordance with the Bauder project specification.

Initial mixing: Mixing is not required, however if the product is settled or separated on opening, stir gently but thoroughly in order to achieve a uniform colour.

Installation: Apply by roller to the substrate. Brushes may be used for small detail areas. For full details refer to the Bauder project specification.

Waterproofing Membrane: Apply a first/embedment coat of LiquiTOP PU with a roller or brush at a minimum rate of 1 litre/m². Rough or absorbent substrates may require more material. Always apply to details prior to waterproofing horizontal surfaces. Whilst wet, reinforce by inserting the LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat, ensuring there are no creases. The glass-fibre mat breaks down into individual fibres when embedded with LiquiTOP PU, which mitigates the risk of creasing. Overlap the glass-fibre mat a minimum of 50mm on itself to ensure consistent reinforcement of the coating. For best results, allow the first coat to cure overnight and ensure surfaces ready for coating are clean, dry and free from any other contaminants. Remove any extra dust to avoid any intercoat contamination before applying the subsequent top coat(s) of LiquiTOP PU in the alternate colour dependant on the specified system.

For the LiquiTOP System, apply one top coat at a minimum 1 litre/m². For the LiquiTOP 3COAT System, apply two top coats at 0.75 litre/m² each, allowing the intermediate coat to cure before applying the final top coat.

Either colour may be used as the embedment or top coat, but it is our suggestion that Dark Grey is used for the top coat.

Optional Maintenance Walkway Wearing Course: For areas where pedestrian access is required for maintenance purposes, a heavy duty wearing course can be applied as follows; Apply a minimum 0.25 litre/m² of LiquiTOP PU to the designated areas and broadcast Bauder Quartz (0.4 - 1.2mm or 0.3 – 0.6mm) at a minimum 0.25 kg/m² or as required to meet specific purposes. Once cured, brush off loose quartz and dispose. If desired, apply a finish/seal coat of LiquiTOP PU to the quartz course at a minimum rate of 0.25 litre/m². Note: Consumption rates are based on smooth, even, non-absorbent substrates.

Storage: The product should be stored unopened in a dry condition at a temperature of 5-25°C. Shelf Life When stored correctly, the shelf life is a minimum 6 months. When manufactured, the product is protected with a layer of nitrogen prior to despatch. This ensures a storage life of six months, provided that the container is left unopened in a dry condition at a temperature of 5-25°C. The layer of nitrogen will disappear and the product will have a limited life once the container is opened.