Getting the Specification Right

Delivering technically correct flat roof solutions

Flat roofs can be perceived as simplistic in both their appearance, design, and installation. However there is a precision to the detailing that must be adhered to so that the solution remains watertight, endures, and resists the elements and stands the test of time.

Waterproofing Systems for Flat Roofs

Portfolio of systems for new constructions

Our range comprises four categories of waterproofing systems enabling us to provide the most suitable solution for any given project.

Delivering Rooftop Environmental Solutions

Use a flat roof to increase purposeful values

To accelerate towards net zero carbon, we have sustainably focused solutions that reduce energy wastage, contribute to the environment, generate renewable energy, and help building designers and constructors meet government policy.

Insulating roofs

Reducing building energy usage through effective roof insulation. There are different options depending on whether you are constructing a warm or inverted roof, the usage of the building, and project requirements.


Creating a sustainable environment 

Each green roof brings back a piece of nature and the roof space can be vegetated to suit the access levels desired. A Bauder green roof combines the finished planting scheme and all its supportive components with a secure waterproofing system to give you consistently the best results.


Attenuating large proportions of annual rainfall run-off

A blue roof offers a sustainable drainage method designed to manage stormwater on a flat roof for up to a 48-hour period via a restrictive flow outlet. Ideal for urban areas where options for ground-based attenuation systems are limited or where construction is being carried out within flood sensitive areas.


Using the roof to generate energy

A flat roof is the ideal place for a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation to generate site-sourced electricity. Combining PV with an integrated green roof system or blue roof forms our biosolar solution.