Walk-On Rooflights

The Bauder Walk-On rooflight allows and supports foot traffic on roof terraces and gardens and ground floor areas over basement rooms whilst providing natural daylight to the rooms below.

The rooflight is set into the structure to allow adjacent decking or paving slabs to be set level and sit flush with the top face of the rooflight unit ensuring a smooth surface. Care must be taken in wet or icy conditions. Etched glass can offer additional safety.

The double-glazed units are comprised of 21.5mm clear toughened laminated outer pane, a 16mm airspace and 6mm of clear toughened low E inner pane. The kerb is heavy duty folded aluminium which is thermally broken, and the standard finish is powder coated white, although other colours are possible. The glazing is available in rectangular, square or round shapes and is set to minimal fall to prevent water ponding.

Bauder Walk-On rooflights are custom designed, detailed and manufactured for each individual application. Each rooflight is delivered fully assembled ready for installation on a prepared flat level roof opening.

Loading capacities:
  • Floor loading – 1.8 kN/m²
  • Concentrated loading – 1.4 kN/m²
Note: Higher loadings can be catered for.