Rooflights and AOVs

Rooflights can form part of an effective technical lighting scheme, particularly in conjunction with efficiently controlled artificial lighting, to produce specified illumination levels. According to leading consultants, horizontal rooflights provide two and a half times more light than vertical windows. This approach can save energy and reduce the carbon footprint of any building.

Our experienced technical staff are able to fully advise and guide you every step of the way. From the initial measuring up to the completed installation you are assured of the best technical support and advice. If you have a particular requirement for bespoke rooflights or structural glazing, we are able to provide you with a design service that will match your project needs.

All Bauder Rooflights are fully compatible with our flat roof waterproofing systems and hold BBA certification. 

  • Euroglaze rooflights
    Advanced design that maximises current technology with high standards of illumination, insulation and ventilation to satisfy the requirements of the latest Building Regulations.  Download leaflet ►
  • BauderDOME
    Designed to provide a simple but effective solution to the requirement for daylight and ventilation to the interior of flat roofed buildings. It is available in a wide range of standard sizes and offers a commercial alternative to the specifier on a limited budget whilst providing an excellent solution.
    Download leaflet ►
  • Barrel vault rooflights
    Continuous rooflight system features a unique system of interlocking polycarbonate glazing elements, for quick and easy installation. They are available in any length with a span of up to 2.4m with an accompanying range of continuous upstands or adapter kerbs. The Bauder barrel vault glazing system is suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether new build or refurbishment.
  • Modular link glazing
    Designed to work in a seamless format with integral aluminium side profiles, main bar and secondary link bar. This innovative system can reduce site installation time by up to 70%, making it ideal for refurbishment projects.
  • Automatic opening vents (AOVs)
    Designed to satisfy all natural ventilation requirements, most notably for smoke control during fires.

Download Euroglaze rooflight leaflet ►