Biodiverse or to meet a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

This specific type of green, brown or ‘living’ roof typically either tries to replicate as closely as is practical the ecological environment of the site where construction has taken place or sets out to create a natural habitat to support a variety of plants, birds, animals and invertebrates. The design and creation of the green roof is key in delivering to a BAP.

Construction techniques for biodiverse (previously known as Brown Roofs) follow the same principles as other green roof system (protection layer, drainage layer, a filter fleece and growing medium). However the surface finishes are very different, vegetation is normally established with British native plugs and seeds, over a range of different depth of substrate, typically 80-150mm.

Bauder biodiverse roofs are the only roofs to be approved by Buglife (the invertebrate Charity). With additional aggregate (stone and sand) organic matter (dead wood, site harvested topsoil and dee ponds) signed to form a matrix of different habitats ideally suited to insect life.

» Individually planted

Biodiverse green roof

» Wildflower blanket

Wildflower blanket XF118

» Native seed mix

Wildflower blanket XF118