Pitched Green Roofs

Above 5 degrees roofs are considered to have a pitch which may affect the design. Most vegetation will grow on quite sever slopes, but the designer must consider the practicalities of installing the green roof and just as importantly how the roof is to be maintained. Slopes above 25 degrees are normally considered too steep to walk on and require additional design features.

Steeply pitched roofs will have other issues. The slope will mean that they are prone to drying out more quickly and will likely require irrigation. As the slope increases, the stability of the substrate decreases and there is a danger of vegetation slipping down the roof.

Bauder has a range of pitched roof solutions which maximise the chances of the green roof successfully establishing and thriving even in the most difficult environments. Bauder combines clever green roof design with robust and reliable waterproofing solutions to give a singe point solution to complex green roof challenges.

Pitched Sedum Blanket Green Roof

Our sedum based substrate system uses the BauderGREEN SB pre-grown sedum blanket that roots quickly to stabilise the substrate, and will also protect the build-up from washout. Where weight is an issue, the BauderGREEN XF 301 Sedum System offers a ultra-lightweight solution (as can be seen in the video below).

Pitched Wildflower Blanket Green Roof

The BauderGREEN WB native wildflower blanket can be specified where local providence is required which offers mature vegetation coverage that is more effective than plugs at quickly establishing and stabilising the roof.

Pitched Biodiverse Green Roof

Pitched biodiverse green roofs are used to establish various vegetation types with additional habitat features such as dead wood, dew ponds and stone piles required for the particular roof.


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