Heavily trafficked access surfaces

When to specify...

When the roof structure allows, hard landscaping can be designed to allow for vehicular access and the associated dynamic higher weight loading.

    Product Data

Permeable bedded hard landscaping on a green roof

1 Paving, decking or road surface  
2 30-50 mm crushed gravel base  
3 Filter Fleece download Filter Fleece datasheet
4 DSE 60 infilled with Mineral Drain download DSE 60 datasheet
5 FSM 1100 download FSM 1100 datasheet
6 PE Foil download PE Foil datasheet
  • Key features
      Withstands loads above 1000Kg/m2
      Ideal construction base for permeable or bedded surfaces including roadways
       and paving
      Creates low maintenance accessible spaces
      Versatile visual finishes
      Planter held vegetation as well as full complement of landscaping
  • Benefits
      Assists in maximising the building's potential
      If planters are utilised this creates a moveable scheme
      Low maintenance
  • Approvals, certification and guarantee
      Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system
      Landscaping elements manufactured to meet FLL guidelines.
  • Environmental credentials
      DSE 60 is made from recyclable HPDE
  • Installation and maintenance
    The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.