Intensive green roofs for everyone to enjoy

The next key decision for a publically accessed rooftop space is how you envisage the landscaping finish. What type of roof space are you delivering?

Having an intensive green roof with a mixture of soft and hard landscaping impacts on the design, construction, drainage, and components used to deliver the requirements of these different elements.  Hard landscaping is predominantly used within courtyard podiums and terraces and can be particularly effective when permeable components are incorporated.

The plants used make a heavy demand on the green roof and will require maintenance, irrigation and management throughout the year to ensure the upkeep of the landscape and allow the vegetation to flourish.

There is little to restrict the scope for design, other than the overall weight of the system dictating the construction of the supporting structure. However, it is important to first establish the landscape finish you are looking to achieve, which will then have a direct impact on the system and structure to support it.

It is crucial that an integrated approach is taken to the design and specification of both the waterproofing and landscaping components, so that the desired outcomes are achieved. We will work with you from the earliest design stage to ensure that your green roof project comes to fruition beautifully.