At Bauder we understand that surveying a flat roof to determine its condition can often be challenging, especially when you can't detect the extent of the issues it’s experiencing through a visual assessment. We can help you by performing technical roof diagnostics that pinpoint the exact location and levels of moisture within a failing roof, and provide you with all the information and support you need to deliver your flat roof assessment. 

Roof surveys

The results of our no obligation roof surveys give objective evidence so that your client and building owner can understand the degree of damage to their building’s roof and appreciate the specific combination of remedial action required for its repair, removal or overlay to reinstate waterproof integrity.

Thermographic surveys

A Thermographic survey from Bauder can be commissioned alongside a comprehensive roof evaluation to identify the full extent of water ingress being experienced. This non-destructive testing method uses infra-red technology to highlight thermal irregularities within the roof build up, which are then converted into a clear image of the roof’s condition. 

Moisture mapping

Our moisture mapping tool pinpoints dampness in a roof construction by detecting hydrogen ions, which indicates water ingress. Neutrons emitted from a moisture gauge collide with exposed hydrogen neutrons, slowing them down. By observing speed variations of the neutrons it is possible to identify moisture levels deep within the roof. Readings are taken at predetermined grid intersections, creating a detailed topographic map of moisture concentration for you showing depths of up to 300mm.

Technical calculations

We will provide you with all the technical calculations and detail drawings you need as part of your specification package; including U-values, wind uplift calculations and tapered insulation schemes.

Waterproofing selection

Bauder’s extensive portfolio of waterproofing solutions allows it to identify which of its various systems is most suitable for your project, giving you total confidence that the solution is right for your clients.

Approved contractors

Our national network of approved contractors are given all the training, support and expert advice they need in order to deliver a high quality roof installation that we are proud to put our name to.

Every operative installing our systems receives individual application tuition, both in-house and on-site, and following successful assessment receives an identity badge providing proof of competence. We also provide refresher training as and when product or method improvements occur.

Bauder looks to build strong working relationships with all of our approved contractors, as we recognise just how essential the quality and experience of the installing operative is to ensuring a successful project. We are constantly promoting the work of our approved contractors in the form of press releasescase studies, award submissions and at exhibitions and events where their contributions are always recognised.

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