Architects & designers

As part of our service we can assist you with the design of the detailing, writing of the specification for the proposed waterproofing options and recommend suitable approved contractors with fully trained installers to tender for the project.  The service is without charge and we work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your roof specification meets all your needs and that of the building.

Roof design

Our Technical Department can assist you with the design element of all the roofing areas on your flat roof project, providing expert advice and highlighting key design considerations that may impact your design.

BIM object and specification creation

Bauder will create a totally bespoke detailed roof specification and BIM object for all of the proposed roofing works on your project and work closely with you to ensure it is the right solution for you and your clients.

Technical calculations

We will provide you with all the technical calculations and detail drawings you need as part of your specification package; including U-values, wind uplift calculations and tapered insulation schemes.

Waterproofing selection

Your local area technical manager will advise you on what system best suits your project requirements and budget from our extensive system portfolio. We match a system to meet your needs rather than making a single option fit the building, giving you choice and flexibility.