Safe solutions for all your school's needs

At Bauder we understand that safety is of utmost importance within the education sector, especially in relation to refurbishing school and academy buildings, which is why all of our high-performance waterproofing solutions have been developed with safety in mind and are installed using the safest installation methods possible by our approved contractors.


Critical to us achieving this is being able to identify areas of potential risk during the initial roof survey stage, which is why our comprehensive, no obligation roof evaluations are only conducted by members of our expert team who produce bespoke specifications for your school buildings that ensure the appropriate system and installation methods are adopted on all roof areas and details. This safety-conscious approach not only provides you with assurance that the necessary due diligence has been carried out but also means that your school can remain fully operational whilst the roofing works are being performed, causing minimal disruption to the school term.

Waterproofing Systems

Deciding which system is most suitable will depend on a variety of different factors including the configuration of your building’s deck, insulation and details. We work closely with you to choose a roofing solution that is tailored exactly to your building’s requirements and school’s budget through our honest and expert roof appraisals. There are three main types of roofing technologies suitable for replacing a flat roof on a school; bitumen membranescold applied liquid resins and single ply membranes. These system options all deliver safe application techniques and can incorporate insulation upgrades for additional energy savings.

Cold Applied Liquid

These waterproofing systems deliver a solution based on liquid resin technology which combines ease of application and fast cure making them suitable for use in all kinds of flat roof and recreational terraced area waterproofing applications 

Bitumen Membranes


This group of waterproofing systems combine the latest generation of self-adhesive membranes, polyurethane adhesives and hot air welding to deliver robust long-term performance waterproofing   

Single Ply

These particular membrane systems offer lightweight and fast installations which are cost effective if there is low funding provision   

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