Recycled Content in Our Products

Working closely with our suppliers and using data from extensive research, we have steadily increased the recycled content of many of our products without detrimental effect on their durability, performance or longevity of service. Our principles are to focus on life cycle and deliver systems with extended life expectancies rather than compromising on quality by producing lower grade membranes that would consequently require replacement sooner.

Single Ply Waterproofing

Currently, the production of our single ply membranes includes recyclate to the base layer.    

Hot Melt Waterproofing

This system has recycled content incorporating post-consumer recycled rubber.

Green Roof Build Up Components

Many recycled or waste materials are used within our green roof components to enable us to provide environmental solutions to the industry.

Water Retention and Drainage Layers - Our DSE 20, 40 and 60 boards all utilise 100% recycled high density polyethylene moulded to create the cupped profile boards that provide water retention and multi-directional drainage.

Our Attenuation Cell 100 board is manufactured from recycled PolyPropylene.

Protection Layers - Our FSM 600 and 1100 are made from a mixture of recycled reground polyester and polypropylene fibre, which are combined before being mechanically and thermally solidified to create a layer to prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing.

ProMat for intensive green roofs is made of granulate from recycled shredded tyres reformed and bound by Polyurethane to give a protective layer against mechanical damage.

Ecomat is a protective layer created from recycled Polyester  clothing and fabric.

Substrates and Growing Mediums - Our substrates are based around recycled crushed brick and composted organic material to give growing mediums which balance water storage, structural stability, water permeability and grain size distribution according to the requirements of the planting scheme.

Separation and Slip Layer - PE Foil is manufactured from recycled polyethylene granulate.