BREEAM credits 

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. Bauder has many systems that provide credits for BREEAM, helping towards the overall BREEAM rating of a building. An example of this is our SB substrate sedum blanket system which helps to gain a credit under Hea 05 Acoustic performance, within BREEAM New Construction: Non Domestic Buildings.

BREEAM 2014 accreditation 

The BREEAM assessment method evaluates the sustainability of built environments through the different stages of their life cycle. The schemes include:

  • BREEAM Communities - for the master-planning of a larger community of buildings.
  • BREEAM New Construction - for new build, domestic and non-domestic buildings.
  • BREEAM In-Use - for existing non-domestic buildings in-use.
  • BREEAM Refurbishment - for domestic and nondomestic building fit-outs and refurbishments.

Bauder green roofs have the potential to count towards these sections of BREEAM: 


Land Use and Ecology


Relevant sections

With the verification of a suitably qualified ecologist, a Bauder green roof can be specified wildflower blanket or Bauder Flora seed mixes 3,5,7,9,11 which are accredited by the RHS as 'Perfect for Pollinators' and certified by Flora Locale to create a new valuable ecological habitat, mitigating the impact of the building on the construction's footprint and creating a long-term habitat for local flora and fauna.   

LE 03 Mitigating Ecological Impact.
Criteria 1 and 2 - Potential credit 1.

LE 04 Enhancing Site Ecology. 
Criteria 1 and 2 - Potential credit 1. 

LE 05 Long Term Impact on Biodiversity. 
Criteria 8 - Potential credit 1.

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Health and Wellbeing


Relevant section


The Bauder XF301 sedum blanket green roof system on a metal deck has been tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-18: 2006 to determine the sound intensity level within the building during heavy rainfall. The sedum plants intercept the impact of rainfall and mitigate the noise so that a figure of 33.5dB is achieved. 

Hea 05 Acoustic Performance.
Criteria 2 - Potential credit 1.

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Relevant section


Green roofs for fully accessible recreational use provide facilities that can be shared by the relevant parties. They can be podium based, at ground level with further facilities situated below such as car parks or elevated at rooftop level with relevant and safety features.

Man 04 Stakeholder Participation.
Criteria 12 - Potential credits 1.

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BauderSOLAR and Bauder BioSOLAR Green Roof PV array each create local energy generation from renewable sources which can supply a compliant percentage of energy to the building.

Ene 04 Low and Zero Carbon Technologies.
Compliance CN10 - Potential credits 2.

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Relevant sections


The Bauder XF301 and SB substrate sedum system carry Cradle to Cradle silver certification which demonstrates the recycled content and recyclability of the system. Additionally our green roof components are manufactured from recycled granulate.

Mat 03 Responsible Sourcing.
Criteria 2b - Potential credits 3.

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A green roof assists insulation of the building by regulating rooftop temperatures and reducing the need for additional climate control within the building. Appropriate thermographic survey results would identify performance and are useful when a current building is being refurbished with a retrofit green roof. Within a warm roof construction, our PIR insulation is listed as achieving a generic A rating.

Mat 04 Insulation.
Criteria 1c - Potential credits 2.




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Our Pro Mat protection layer is manufactured from tyre rubber crumb from non-construction post-consumer sources which is listed in CN1 Secondary aggregates. Crushed aggregate obtained from site is not recommended within a green roof because of the risk of introducing even small levels of contaminated content to the living roof.

Wst 02 Recycled Aggregates.
Criteria 3c - Potential credits 1.

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