FPO roofing membrane

Polyester reinforced flexible polyolefin membrane (FPO), an alloy of thermoplastic and rubber. The membrane can be mechanically fastened, adhered or loose-laid ballasted. It can be used under green roof landscaping

T 15 Technical data sheet - pearl white T 15 Technical data sheet - silver grey  T 20 Technical data sheet - pearl white DoCs and DoPs

Product information

Surface Top: Variable (refer to data sheet)
Bottom: Black
Reinforcement type and weight Synthetic reinforced polyester
Characteristic Test method Unit Value
Length EN 1848-2 m 20(-0/+5%)
Width EN 1848-2 m 1,5(-0,5/+1%)
Thickness EN 1849-2 mm Variable (refer to data sheet)
Mass per unit area EN 1849-2 kg/m2 Variable (refer to data sheet)
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.