Bauder Profiled PIR Infill Overlay System

Our Profiled PIR Overlay System incorporates a PIR insulation infill that is cut on site to match profiled sheet metal and roof structures, typically comprised steel, composite panels or aluminium. The  system includes a flat board FA PIR insulation and a single ply membrane to provide a long term lightweight and durable solution as well as increasing the thermal performance of the roof system.

The Profiled PIR Infill System overlay system is primarily intended for refurbishing profiled sheet metal roofs or increasing the thermal performance of existing insulated cladding systems, bringing the construction up to current building regulation requirements. 

The PIR insulation infill boards are cut on site to ensure they match the existing sheets and can support the FA PIR above. U-values are calculated using the thickness of both the PIR infill and FA PIR flat board insulation boards.

Technical Data

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Board width 1185mm max.
Board length 2385mm max.
Available thickness Various to suit project requirement
Weight 30kg/m³
Thermal conductivity 0.022W/mK
Compressive strength at 10% compression 0.12N/mm²
Reaction to fire (Euroclass) E