Bakor 790-11 Hot Melt

Bakor 790-11 Hot Melt is an environmentally friendly, hot applied, rubberised bitumen formulated to provide a monolithic fully bonded roofing and waterproofing membrane. It is a hot poured fabric reinforced application. Additionally, it is modified with additives to promote adhesion and improve low temperature flexibility. This product is used as a waterproofing membrane in Hot Melt Structural Waterproofing Systems, which is suited beneath paved or ballasted surfacing, car parks, podiums, plazas, green roofs and substructures.

Technical Data

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Colour Black
Solids content 100%
Rate of Application Nominal thickness 3mm per single layer/ total 6mm with fabric reinforcement (exc. protection layer)
Coverage  Nominal Weight 6.5kg/m² in 2 layers (exc. protection layer)
Heating Temperature  180°C to 200°C
Setting Time Immediate on cooling
Low Temperature Performance  At -25°C No cracking; no loss of adhesion; no delamination
Toughness 16.0J