Bakor 790-11 

Hot melt rubberised bitumen

Bakor 790-11 is a hot applied, rubberised bitumen formulated to provide a monolithic fully bonded roofing and waterproofing membrane. It is a hot poured, fabric reinforced application. Bakor 790-11 is composed of a blend of refined bitumen’s, synthetic rubber and mineral stabilizers whilst also containing post-consumer recycled content. It is modified with additives to promote adhesion and improve low temperature flexibility. Application areas include but not restricted to podium and terrace decks. Planters, intensive, extensive, brown & biodiverse green roofs, biosolar roofs, blue roofs, reflective pools, ramps and parking decks.

This product does not require a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Declaration of Performance (DoP).

Technical data sheet Safety Data sheet  

Product information

Characteristic Unit Test Method Value
Rate of application mm -

Nominal thickness 3mm per single layer/ total 6mm with fabric reinforcement (exc. protection layer)

Coverage kg/m² Nominal Weight 6.5kg/m2 in 2 layers (exc. protection layer)
Heating temperature °C - 180°C to 200°C
Setting time   - Immediate on cooling
Low temperature performance °C CSGB-37.50-M89 At -25°C No cracking; no loss of adhesion; no delamination
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.