BauderTEC SPRINT DUO Underlayer

BauderTEC SPRINT DUO is a 2mm thick technically advanced self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen underlayer with DUO lap technology. A key feature of the product is the glass fleece reinforcement feature for stability and strength. Additionally, the underlayer benefits from cleaner, safer and faster installation, in comparison to traditional torch-applied membranes.

Product Datasheet Declaration of Performance

Technical data

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Roll size 1 x 15m
Surface finish Top: Foil
Bottom: Release film over self-adhesive bitumen
Weight 2.5Kg/m²
Thickness 2mm
Reinforcement 120g/m2 Glass fleece
Tensile strength (EN 12311-1) Length ≥ 1000N/50mm
Diagonal ≥ 1000N/50mm
Elongation at break (EN 12311-1) Length ≥ 2%
Diagonal ≥ 2%
Heat stability (EN 1110) +100°C 
Cold bending (EN 1109) -30°C