Improving drainage falls

A common fault with flat roofs is their inability to shed rainwater efficiently. This can be due to deficient original design, poor workmanship, deflection of the deck or a combination of all three.

During refurbishment, the opportunity should be taken to address any ponding that exists, as this will have negative effects on the roof.

If the problem is due to a lack of rainwater outlets, consideration should be given to the possibility of adding some, although this may often be impractical due to connecting to the existing drainage system.

Tapered insulation can be used as a convenient and cost effective way of improving surface drainage, although it is not viable on every project and we advise that you utilise the experience of your Bauder area technical manager for further advise. Tapered insulation will ultimately create a thicker build-up to the roof system at certain points and may encroach on recommended upstand heights or create a necessity to raise perimeter detailing, cavity trays,
clerestory windows etc. and therefore may prove to be financially prohibitive.

Bauder tapered insulation schemes can be designed to suit any particular project following a site survey by your Bauder area technical manager and should this product be considered beneficial, this will be offered as an option.

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