Industry Associations 

Bauder has extensive representation in the flat roofing industry lead by our Technical Director, Nigel Blacklock, who represents the UK on many flat roof relevant European standards technical committees and also on most of the relevant British Standards for flat roofing. Nigel is in regular dialogue advising the MHCLG, the NHBC, BBA and many of the larger insurance companies whilst also supporting the Bauder Product Managers who are proactive in their respective trade associations with the following positions held:

  • Chair of the Technical Committee of the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA)
  • Chair of the Technical Committee of the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA)
  • Member of the Joint Flat Roofing Technical Committee of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)
  • Secretary of Green Roof Organisation (GRO)
  • Member of the Micro-Generation Certificate Scheme (MCS) Working Group 10 Roofing Issues
  • Member of the Solar Trade Association (STA)

This combined knowledge covers the latest changes in legislation and guidance on Reinforced Bitumen, Single Ply, Hot Melt, Cold Applied Liquid, Green Roofing and roof mounted PV. This insight and expertise is disseminated through the business and to our customers via our Area Technical Managers, online technical centre, CPD seminars, toolbox talks, information bulletins and is incorporated into our specifications, drawings and design tools.   


Trade Associations

Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA)
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The LRWA consists of the leading manufacturers of liquid applied waterproofing, approved contractors and related materials suppliers..

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National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)
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The aim of the NFRC is to provide members with companies that they have checked and approved. All supplier members have to abide by the NFRC Code of Practice so all can expect a fair deal whilst working to improve the status of the roofing industry.

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Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA)
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SPRA represents membrane manufacturers, associated component manufacturers and specialist sub contractors and aims to ensure the delivery of best value single ply roofing systems, through a quality assured partnership. By specifying products and specialist installation by SPRA Manufacturer, Associate and Contractor members you can be assured that all parties meet strict quality criteria. Compliance with these criteria is assessed at application, by annual audit and by random spot checks.

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Insulation Manufacturers Association (IMA)
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Our membership comprises all of the major companies in the Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam Industry in the UK, including manufacturers of finished polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam products, suppliers of the various raw materials and machinery manufacturers.

All IMA members have signed up to a Code of Conduct which seeks to ensure that the highest standards of honesty and integrity are maintained.


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Green Roof Associations 

Green Roof Organisation (GRO)
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Bauder are thrilled to be apart of the Green Roof Organisation (GRO) who are now a full trade association. The GRO Guidelines, which refers back to the original German association The Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Society e.V. (FLL), recommends levels of performance, longevity of components and technical design criteria.

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Flora Locale
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The BauderFlora seed mixes have native British and Scottish provenance for perennial wildflowers, annuals and grasses to meet BREEAM and Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) requirements.  Bauder adheres to the Flora Locale code of practice which promotes and advances the conservation of native wild plat populations for ecological restoration.

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Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Perfect for Pollinators
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The United Kingdom’s wild bees and other pollinators are considered to be in decline. By planting nectar and pollen rich flowers over a long season, this trend can be reduced. The plant varieties within our Flora Seed Mixes for substrate green roofs have been specially selected and blended to give a high diversity of wildflowers included in the RHS Perfect for Pollinators list to provide a rich habitat for priority pollinators, larval food plants for butterflies and seed sources for birds.  

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