Biosolar Installation

Optimising the combined technologies

In the Bauder Biosolar solution, the solar modules are raised above the substrate and angled at 10° to optimise the capacity for solar energy production and green roof area so that both can easily occupy the same space and work in synergy. In alternative systems the technologies compete against each other for roof space, with one conceding to the other.

The PV panels are set at around 300mm above the level of substrate so that the growth of the vegetation does not reduce the efficiency of the panels through shading and allows for maintenance of the green roof. The height also lets sufficient levels of moisture and light infiltrate beneath the modules, supporting different species of plants and enhancing the biodiversity of the roof.

Improved solar panel efficiency

A combined green roof with PV delivers advantages to the building as the cooling effect of the vegetation and water held within the green roof system preserves a cooler ambient temperature around the photovoltaic array. Studies in Germany have shown that PVs work most efficiently with an ambient temperature of around 24°C and that when an array is combined with a green roof, the panels are expected to achieve around a 5-7% higher output compared to an installation on membrane alone.

Bauder biosolar module section - cross section


The mounting board is a bespoke moulded landscaping component manufactured from polypropelyne with a deep recessed profile that provides water storage and multidirectional drainage whilst also providing a repository for the green roof substrate. A support profile is formed in the centre of the board to which the mounting arms are attached. The boards are positioned on the top of separation and protection layers which prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing.

1. Positioning the Baudersolar RE40 anchor board and attaching the railing system

The DSE40 anchor boards are positioned according to the array design with any areas between the boards or around the
perimeter finished using our DSE 40 board. The Coated Steel BioSolar mounting system is then fixed to base rails beneath
the anchor boards.


2. Installing the substrate

The substrate is poured into the mounting board to ballast the array.

3. Placement of the PV modules

The PV panels are secured to the carrier rails with clamps.


4. Seeding the vegetation

The Bauder Flora 3 seed mix is broadcast onto the pre-watered substrate so that the seeds can germinate and grow.