Effective Refurbishment Solutions on Complex Projects

Bauder LiquiTOP System cold applied flat roof waterproofing solves many common challenges faced by a surveyor in a refurbishment scenario with additional benefits for the client and contractor.

The new polyurethane (PU), moisture-triggered, cold applied liquid waterproofing from Bauder offers a long-lasting, fully bonded, guaranteed system that minimises disruption for the building occupants and provides a safer working environment for contractors. This Bauder LiquiTOP System offers a cost-effective and adaptable waterproofing solution, especially suitable for complex projects.

The system

The system can be configured for waterproofing with or without insulation in refurbishment projects. There are two LiquiTOP PU waterproofing colours available, Dark Grey and Mist Grey, each are interchangeable as embedment and finish coats and both colours are UV stable, resulting in a waterproofing membrane that is UV stable throughout. The system is reinforced with the 225g/m² LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat which easily contours to complex detailing and becomes mobile on application to the embedment coat so that the fibres interlock providing a stable membrane that delivers temporary waterproofing whilst curing. The application of the top coat, or optional third coat, interbonds to give a monolithic membrane that is free draining without laps.

Meeting the challenges

Complex detailing
A key attribute of this system type is its versatility for contouring to complicated roof details around high concentrations of rooftop plant and forming a membrane on intricate roof areas.

Additionally, no hot works are needed for the installation of Bauder LiquiTOP, which may deem it favourable over other systems. 

Restricted access
A project located in a city centre, or in an area with limited access, requires careful planning of deliveries and consideration of how to raise materials to roof level. The Bauder LiquiTOP System has minimal heavy components, so all products can be manually carried to the roof.

The compatibility and strong bond achieved over many existing roof systems, combined with a vapour permeability that allows the membrane to breathe and reduce vapour pressure build-up, makes the LiquiTOP System ideal for roof overlays where the existing roof system is still securely attached. This negates the stripping and removal of material from the rooftop which has the added benefit of reducing project costs and time.

The nature of the LiquiTOP PU product makes it easier to apply in confined areas where there may be headroom restrictions, or substantial plant to navigate, ensuring a watertight finish on the entirety of the roof. 

The building requires a thermal upgrade
A range of Bauder insulations can be incorporated into a Bauder LiquiTOP System depending on the client requirements.
■□ BauderPIR FA-TE – lightweight, low-thermal conductivity and high compressive strength
■□ BauderROCK – optimum insulation for acoustic performance or non-combustibility
■□ BauderVIP – where height is restricted but insulation value is also important
■□ BauderGLAS – non-combustible cellular glass insulation with high compressive performance.

Insulation can be adhered using the appropriate Bauder insulation adhesive. Other than BauderVIP, mechanical fixing can also be used where the existing roofing system needs to be consolidated but is in an otherwise suitable condition. To complete the insulation system, BauderTEC KSD DUO, a self-adhesive foil faced bitumen membrane, is used as the air and vapour control layer below the insulation and as a carrier membrane before the Bauder LiquiTOP System is applied. 

The building is occupied
If the existing deck can be over laid with no materials stripped, the disruption to any users of the building will be minimal. The low odour of the LiquiTOP PU permeates less into the structure and will therefore have less impact on occupants, residents or tenants than other liquid waterproofing methods.

The challenge: Long-lasting solution required
Bauder LiquiTOP system is tough and durable and comes with a comprehensive guarantee. The system has a life expectancy of at least 20 years for the two-coat system and 25 years for the three-coat system, as stated in the BBA certificate (20/5789). The system lifespan could be further extended by ten years by applying an additional layer of LiquiTOP PU at the end of the initial service life. 


Additional system benefits

■□ Bauder LiquiTOP System provides an aesthetically pleasing, lap free finish.
■□ The Bauder guarantee is issued after successful inspection from Bauder site technicians.
■□ Low-monomer, low VOC content in the LiquiTOP PU provides a safer working environment.
■□ Can achieve BROOF(t4) external fire performance on flat and sloping roofs.