Longlasting robust waterproofing

When durability and longevity of system service is of great importance.

The different systems have different qualities to suit a variety of project and building requirements. We have technical managers with many years of experience located throughout the UK and Ireland who will take you through the options and their individual benefits giving you expert one-to-one advice. 

These systems hold BBA certification.

Option 1 - Bitumen Two Layer Membranes
>> Bauder Total Roof System
The industry leader for integrated robust waterproofing for the ultimate flat roof solution, this patented system comprises a variety of membranes to allow for a truly bespoke specification.

>> Bauderflex System
An alternative to the specifier on a lower budget and allows for a choice of products and application techniques so that the system can be tailored to the specific needs of the project to give the best results.
Option 2 - Bitumen Single Layer Membrane
>> Bauder Pro F System
Suitable for warm roof scenarios and designed to be installed on flat roofs with a minimum fall of 1:60. The system features a 5.2mm thick capping sheet.
Option 3 - Hot Melt Waterproofing
>>Bauder 790-11
Ideally suited to be utilised as a waterproofing system beneath paved or ballasted surfacing, car parks, podiums, plazas, green roofs and substructures.