Bauder service

Bauder prides itself on being much more than just a manufacturer and supplier; we look to utilise our expert workforce to assist you throughout your project from inception to completion. On new build developments we can assist you throughout the design process of your building and on refurbishment projects we are able to perform a number of comprehensive technical diagnostics to determine the best course of action.

New build project service

Bauder can support you in the design of a new roof, providing detail drawings, weight loadings, technical calculations, tapered insulation schemes, proposed waterproofing options and guarantee package. More ►

Refurbishment project service

There are various options available for roof refurbishment projects and we will advise you as to which is most suitable as part of our turnkey service, which includes a consultation meeting to discuss your exact requirements and a survey of your roof at no cost. More 

Technical roof diagnostics

Your roof could be experiencing challenges that a visual appraisal cannot always detect. Bauder uses a number of technical testing methods to determine the scope of works required. More 

Photovoltaic service

We will work with you and discuss the roofing project, your budget and how the roof array can be designed to maximise your benefits from the use of PV.  More ►

Green roof design service 

Our complete green roof design service encompasses initial design advice on waterproofing or landscaping related issues through to a detailed and comprehensive specification package supplied in National Building Specification (NBS) or BIM format.

Whatever your requirement may be for a green roof or biodiverse roof landscape we will be able to assist you from the conceptual stage in developing a practical solution which will be cost-effective whilst also delivering long-term performance. More ►

Green roof maintenance

A green roof is a real asset and for it to continue to deliver the environmental and aesthetic benefits for which it was originally designed it is important to carry out maintenance on a regular basis. More ► ​
Bauder's service doesn't just stop once the roof installation has been completed, we provide industry leading guarantees on our products that are installed by our national network of approved contractors, and also offer maintenance services for our green roof projects.
We are always here to help you.
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