Flat roof solutions: everything under one roof

Every flat roof installation has the right to be a success and at Bauder we don’t just deliver one element of a rooftop solution, we deliver a fully integrated portfolio of waterproofing, insulation, photovoltaic energy and green roof options with rooflights, outlets and associated accessories, so that you know you have everything under one roof down to the smallest detail.

We are totally committed to providing you with value, delivering the best possible service and technical support and superior products at a competitive price.


Our waterproofing systems provide the industry with technologically advanced products that offer total reliability and meet the evolving needs of flat roofs of today and the future. We manufacture and provide bitumen membrane systems, single ply, hot melt and cold applied liquid waterproofing with integrated highly efficient PIR insulation.

Green Roofs

For over 30 years Bauder has provided every feasible type of green roof that the designer can envisage as well as all forms of planting schemes with the associated protection layers, water retention components and lightweight substrate. Our expertise is unquestionable.


Utilising a flat roof for energy production is an ideal environmental solution and the perfect location for a photovoltaic array. Our Solar PV systems not only focus on efficiency and energy generation, but also consider the waterproofing beneath and are fixed in place without risk to the integrity of the roof.

The innovative BauderSOLAR systems optimally combine photovoltaic systems and their risk-free installation with the requirements for waterproofing and thermal installation so that all three elements complement each other perfectly. Additionally our BioSOLAR system incorporates the needs of a green roof so that now all four elements work together in synergy.


A flat roof isn't complete unless all the elements are incorporated. Our accessory components are all fully compatible with our waterproofing and green roof systems, making the specification of a roof that much simpler.