Surveying a roof for refurbishment

Your project is as important to us as it is to you and that is why the complimentary survey report you receive will examine all aspects of your roof, consider the problematic areas and propose the right waterproofing solution to meet the needs of the building and that of each roof area.

Our surveys are carried out without charge.

Our roof reports encompass:

  • Analysing the current roof covering and investigating the deck structure.
  • Consideration of insulation upgrades to achieve required U-values.
  • Consideration of drainage effectiveness and falls.
  • Detailing of all roof penetrations and connecting interfaces.
  • Implications of any additional weight loading.
  • Wind uplift calculations and required fixing methods and restraint.
  • Recommending the correct course of action and remedial measures necessary.
  • Impartially specifying the right waterproofing system to meet building needs and budget.
  • Recommending our best suited approved contractors to install the replacement waterproofing on your project.
  • Outlining the guarantee ensuring it meets project expectations.

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Identifying and pinpointing water ingress

» Core sample

Core sample survey

FOR: All roof systems and construction types

Investigative core samples assess your current roof construction and the condition of the substrate. This sample is taken by your area technical manager in order to determine the course of remedial action and is included as part of our no obligation survey.

» Moisture mapping

Moisture mapping survey

FOR:  Multiple layered roof systems

Non-destructive method of testing for trapped water within a flat roof build up. A moisture gauge is used to pinpoint the presence of dampness within the roof structure to depths of 300mm and is currently the only reliable way to test underlying sections of multiple layer roof systems for trapped water. The results are delivered as a topographical map.  Download leaflet ►
Download case study ►

» Thermographic imaging

Thermographic imaging

FOR: Single insulating layer systems

Non-destructive testing method that identifies defective roof areas currently allowing water ingress, which could remain undetected using standard inspection techniques. Thermographic
surveys are conducted using infra-red technology to identify thermal irregularities, with recordings converted into a clear image of the roof's condition.  Download leaflet ►