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Modern construction requires integrated

waterproofing and insulation solutions

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Generating electricity on your flat roof

with photovoltaics to lower energy costs

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Retrofitting a power generation plant on your current flat roof

Risk free installation


New build flat roofs

Design considerations and how to select the right waterproofing system.

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Refurbishment roofs

Pinpointing the issue when a roof leaks and the importance of proactive roof renewal.

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Upgrading your flat roof with photovoltaics to increase building value.

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Green roofs

Creating a living rooftop or usable green space to maximise building value .

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Download resources

Access our technical information to help you with your flat roof project.

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Pines Calyx natural roof

Sustainable eco-roofs and BREEAM

Creating a biodiverse environment designed to support a wildlife habitat for flora and fauna on a building's rooftop.

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Roof survey report

Examining a current roof to identify the problematic areas and propose the right waterproofing solution.

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Meeting on site

Your project delivered and monitored when on site.

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Working with architects and designers to ensure the building you specify is delivered as you envisage.

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Careers at Bauder

Join our team - we welcome all recruitment enquiries.

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Engaging with charities

As a patron of CRASH we support homeless charities by providing construction materials and advice for upgrading their facilities.

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Our people

Our philosophy is to 'Aim for Excellence' and be the standard against which others are measured.

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