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Bauder is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flat roofs, green roofs & photovoltaics

Welcome to Bauder Flat Roofs

Our flat roof systems are designed to provide a single source solution for every application and client need. We deliver all forms of flat roof, from green roofing to bitumen membrane; from hot melt to cold liquid applied.

We deliver technologically advanced roofing products, which meet the diverse needs of the roofing industry in terms of budget, performance and function. Our green biodiversity roofs ensure that clients are able to address eco-friendly construction targets in their tenders and projects; while our structural waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to remain waterproof both to water and vapour for the design life of the building they top.

Bauder flat roofs represent an industry leading commitment to capping your building designs with the perfect combination of strength, protection and cost effectiveness.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming more popular, as eco-friendly building incentives change the landscape of commercial construction.  Bauder has been at the forefront of green roofing technology for years: we introduced our first green roof solution in 1982.

Our broad experience in supplying green roofing technology has enabled us to develop and deliver a full range of eco-friendly roof solutions for our clients. From lightweight sedum roofs, which will green almost immediately, to bio diverse roofs, which are specifically designed to support a full wildlife habitat, and any recreational scenario for gardens, parks, allotments and sports facilities that can be envisaged.  A Bauder roof could offset the carbon imprint of your next building.

Our green roofs can be supported by several waterproofing systems: bitumen, hot melt, single ply or cold liquid.

If you would like advice on the best type of green roof for your building, please contact our customer services team on 0845 271 8800. All Bauder systems come with a solid guarantee.

Flat Roof Systems

Bauder flat roof systems are designed to offer a complete installation for your building. From surface to waterproofing, our roofing systems are long term market leaders, used and trusted by hundreds of clients in the UK and Ireland.  Our Area Technical Managers can advise and assist on the roofing design of your project, ensuring that the flat roof systems you install answer the practical, environmental and budgetary considerations of your build.

We deliver reinforced bitumen membrane systems; single ply systems; cold liquid applied systems; and hot melt structural waterproofing systems.

A Bauder roof creates an environmental building solution – which can be used to offset the carbon footprint of your building or even to create roof gardens for leisure and relaxation.