Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital 

Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital’s existing roof was failing in multiple areas, and 80 rooflights needed replacing. The client wanted the refurbishment to make as little impact as possible on the departments directly below which included drug refrigeration, x-ray and ultrasound clinics, patient wards and operating theatres.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital
Location: Essex
Roof Area: 900m²
Specifier: NHS
Approved Contractor: Breyer Construction

The challenge

The plant on the rooftop could not be turned off or raised and many of the AC units and boilers had to be left running due to the nature of the rooms below. Certain areas had to be repaired before others and detailing under and around the plant that could not be raised was almost an impossible task. When working around the plant, COSHH regulations had to be considered and adhered to.


The solution

Coordinating with both the client and approved contractors was key in this project, and by using cold liquid applied waterproofing the contractors could ensure a watertight seal with quick application, allowing them to complete the remainder of the roof using reinforced bitumen membrane, and meet the tight project deadline of 12 weeks.

Applied products

Bauder Total Roof System

Suitable for a variety of applications on both new build and refurbishment projects and can be used in warm, cold and inverted roof scenarios.


The Bauder LiquiTEC roof systems combine ease of application, fast cure and durability to provide a cold liquid applied waterproofing product second to none.


Cold liquid applied fast curing waterproofing resin, for use on upstands and details.


Breyer Roofing’s Contracts Manager for the project, Kerry Cutts, stated: “The main challenge was working around the hospital’s requirements. For example, we provided a weekly plan for the areas we were working in and the rooflights / plant affected. Where possible, we worked out of hours while doing rooflight replacements to minimise any issues. We also worked closely with Bauder to vary the specification when we had to work around live plant. The communication between Bauder and Breyer Roofing was exemplary throughout and I was pleased this completed project was nominated for a national award."