Specialist modules

Enhancing your CPD with topics to specifically meet your individual requirements.

BS 6229:2018

The key changes to the standards affecting the design and installation of flat roofs and in particular Section 4 of the update.

Fire Safety Approved Document B

The new classification classes and different testing methods across Europe and the impact on insulation. Critically it reviews the definition of a ‘specified attachment’ and how the document relates.

Standing Water

Clarification for what standing water is, the impact on the roof, and why it should be avoided.

Creating Roof Falls

Building standards and considerations for incorporating tapered insulation for improving falls and drainage on refurbishment projects whilst also enhancing thermal performance.

Moisture Mapping and Roof Surveys

Understanding these diagnostic techniques to identify levels and locations of entrapped water in a failing roof so that a detailed scope of works can be produced.

Establishment and Maintenance of Green Roofs

The success of a green roof relies on maintenance for the vegetation to flourish and continue to be a success.

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