Identifying water ingress CPD Seminar

This seminar explores the different survey and diagnostic techniques and their advantages, the resultant roof survey report, options for removing the existing damage and the solutions.

On completion you will:

  • Be able to understand where each waterproofing type is most effective and to specify flat roof solutions that provide a balance of performance, aesthetics, and cost.
  • Be familiar with the various waterproofing systems available as a flat roof waterproofing option such as bitumen membranes, single ply, hot melt  liquids and cold applied liquids.
  • Appreciate the benefits of enhancing your roof with renewable energy and an environmental green roof or recreational space.
  • Be aware of the design considerations, pitfalls and issues, particularly with plant and roof top equipment, incorporating a safe means of access and the importance of critical detailing.
  • Recognise the value of ensuring the quality of installation and the importance of having a robust guarantee in place.
CPD seminar certificate
Structure of a typical lunchtime seminar
  • Welcome and introduction
  • 45 minutes technical information
  • 15 minutes questions and relation of content to projects currently being delivered through your practice