Thermofol D Membrane

This unreinforced detailing membrane is manufactured from Poly Vinyl Chloride membrane (PVC). The product is highly flexible due to the incorporation of internal plasticizers during the manufacturing process. This combination of materials gives high tensile strength, good thermal stability, chemical resistance and flexibility.

Product Datasheet

Technical Data

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Roll size 0.5 x 10m
Surface finish Top: Light grey (RAL 7035),
blue grey (RAL 7031) or anthracite (RAL 7016)
Bottom: Grey
Weight 2.2Kg/m²
Thickness 1.8mm
Reinforcement None
Tensile strength (EN 12311-1) ≥15N/50mm
Elongation at break (EN 12311-1) >300%
Cold bending  °C (EN 1109) -30