PIR Tapered Insulation

Lightweight and cost-effective alternative method of providing falls to a roof instead of incorporating them into the structure, whilst also providing thermal insulation.  It is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

BauderPIR Tapered Insulation

Technical Data
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Board size 1200mm x 800mm
Surface Top - Unfaced 
Bottom - Unfaced
Density Minimum 30Kg/m3
Available thickness 20mm to 400mm
Thermal conductivity (Lambda Value) ≤ 80mm = 0.027 W/mK
80-119mm = 0.026 W/mK
≥ 120mm = 0.025 W/mK
Compressive strength Minimum 0.12N/mm²
Compressive creep (EN1606) 0.024N/mm²