BauderJFRI 300 Inverted Insulation

Inverted insulation for use beneath hard landscaping and extensive green roof construction with sedum and grasses vegetation.

BauderJFRI inverted insulation

Technical Data
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Board size (mm) 1215 x 1215 (inc 15mm rebate on edges)
Weight (Kg/m3) 40
Facing material unfaced
Available thickness (mm) 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 230, 240
Thermal conductivity (Lambda Value W/mK) 0.033
Compressive strength (N/mm²) 0.30 at 10% nom. compression
BRE Green Guide generic rating A+ (element number 1315320001)

BauderJFRI HP upstand insulation

BauderJFRI HP Upstand Insulation

Rigid expanded polystyrene insulation, with a GRP facing on one side. Specifically for use at upstands where BauderJFRI inverted insulation is used on the main flat area. Product information