Profiled EPS Insulation

Profiled EPS Insulation is used to overlay an existing profile sheet metal roof covering to improve thermal performance without re-cladding. The insulation is manufactured to match the profile of the sheet metal roof currently in-situ, typically steel, composite panels or aluminium, and is cut to the thickness required to achieve the desired thermal performance. 

Product DatasheetDoP

The profiled insulation boards are manufactured to order and samples produced to ensure that the profiles match the existing roof sheets.

Technical Data

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Board size (mm) 1220x2440
Weight (Kg/m3) 25
Thickness (mm) bespoke thicknesses, dependant on project U-value required
Surface finish unfaced
Thermal conductivity (Lambda Value W/mK) 0.035
Compressive strength (N/mm²) Min. 0.15