BauderJFRI WFRL Membrane (Water Flow Reducing Layer)

BauderJFRI WFRL Membrane is a flexible sheet of polypropylene strands randomly spun-bonded together, in a CFC free process. UV stabilized to reduce degradation by sunlight. Embossed and textured surface to minimize reflected glare. It is supplied as part of the JFRI Inverted Insulation System to minimize water flow through and below the insulation. 

Product Datasheet

Technical Data

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Width 3000mm
Length 100000mm
Thickness 0.45mm
Weight 0.1kg/m²
Colour Black
Water Vapour Resistance 0.011MNs/g
BBA Certificate  01/3812 Product Sheet 5 & 6
International Standards Organisation (ISO ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificates EN1271 (UK)  
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certificates A10552 (UK)  
Recyclability 100%