WB Native Wildflower Blanket

The WB Native Wildflower Blanket is a vegetation blanket which contains a broad mix of British Wildflowers grown in substrate on a coir carrier. The natural fibres of the coir carrier promote the rapid rooting of the blanket into the substrate.

Technical Data

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Maximum saturated weight 30kg/m²
Thickness 30mm to 40mm
Species 36 wildflower species + 4 grass species (≤10%)
pH Value 6.5pH to 7pH
Material Substrate and sedum plants, grown on a Coir mat carrier. (100% Natural Product)
Typical supply size 0.5x2m
Rolls per pallet Typically 30-40 rolls - Dependant on weight 40m²
Pallets per articulated lorry 26 pallets - Dependant on weight 1040m²
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