Seed Bed Substrate

Seed Bed Substrate is a top dressing growing medium which is installed at a minimum depth of 25mm over either Bauder Intensive or Extensive substrates, when the roof is to be either seeded or to receive vegetation cuttings.

Technical Data

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Saturated weight 1250Kg/m³
Water storage capacity 45% Vol
Supply form Silo
Big bags
Coverage Dependent on depth required for specification
Composition Lightweight growing medium manufactured
to FLL standards
Weight loadings Intensive substrate weighs 1.25 tonnes per cubic metre compared to
the average of 1.7 tonnes/m³ for top soil.  A considerable weight load saving
over an entire roof area.
If you do specify our materials without seeking our advice, your project may not be eligible for guarantee. Bauder are committed to ensuring our green roofs deliver as expected, by using our knowledge and experience of how green roofs perform best, we offer distinct levels of guarantee, assurance, and support.