SDF Mat Drainage/Filtration Layer

The SDF Mat Drainage/Filtration Layer is a multi-functional drainage and filter layer manufactured from ultraviolet resistant nylon woven loops which are thermally bonded to geo-textile filter fleece facings and is specified in some very low-pitched extensive green roofs.

Extensive green roofs should be designed with a minimum fall of 1:60, and even then, small areas of standing water may still occur. The Bauder SDF Mat drainage layer is specified within the XF301 sedum system to lift the blanket clear of any standing water, allowing it to disperse during periods of prolonged heavy rain. This light-weight drainage layer prevents the roots of the plants in the XF301 sedum system from becoming waterlogged.

Technical Data

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Size 1 x 50m
Weight 0.6Kg/m²
Saturated weight 0.6Kg/m²
Thickness 20mm
Coverage 50m²
Compressive strength 20N/m²
Composition Geo-textile facings with thermally bonded UV resistant woven nylon loops between
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