FSM 600 Protection Mat

Bauder FSM 600 Protection Mat is a heavy duty protection layer made from polyester and polypropylene fibres. This protection mat is to be laid on the completed waterproofing to protect the completed waterproofing from mechanical damage. It is supplied in two thicknesses, we can advise on the most suited thickness for your project in your specification. 

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Technical Data

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Roll size (m) 2 x 30m
Weight (dry) 0.6 kg/m²
Saturated weight 3.6 kg/m²
Thickness 4 mm
Coverage  60 m²
If you do specify our materials without seeking our advice, your project may not be eligible for guarantee. Bauder are committed to ensuring our green roofs deliver as expected, by using our knowledge and experience of how green roofs perform best, we offer distinct levels of guarantee, assurance, and support.