Flora 7 Seed Mix

The Bauder Flora 7 Seed Mix is a particular blend of plant species that are adapted to the free draining base rich soils typical of lowland chalk and limestone grassland plant communities. The mix aims to create priority calcareous grassland community at roof level whilst also delivering maximum biodiversity enhancements for BREEAM. The seed mix contains a high diversity of wildflowers chosen to provide; a nectar and pollen rich habitat for priority pollinators, larval food plants for butterflies and a foraging habitat for birds.

Flora 7 seed mix

Product Data
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Flowering season April to October
Application Ideal for unimproved chalk grassland.
Mix details 28 species
- 23 wildflower species
- 5 grasses/sedge
- 22 wildflowers classed as RHS Perfect for Pollinators