DSE 40 Drainage & Protection Layer

This lightweight multi-functional water storage and drainage layer is suitable for roofs below 5o pitch. This product is laid onto completed waterproofing to provide continuous drainage within hard and soft landscaping. The drainage board retains 13.5 Litres of water and is made of 100% recycled HDPE.

This product benefits from compressive strength making it suitable beneath paving laid on sand, cement, gravel bedding or within planter beds.The DSE 40 drainage and protection layer is used within Biodiverse of Brown roofs including:
  • Native plug plants
  • WB wildflower blanket
  • Seeded extensive green roofs
  • Individual plug plants

Technical Data

Size 1.04 x 2.03m
Weight 1.8Kg/m²
Saturated weight 15.3Kg/m²
26.5Kg/m² when filled
Thickness 40mm
Coverage 2.1m²
Compressive strength 80kN/m² unfilled
1000kN/m² when filled
Water storage capacity 13.5 litres/m² when flat
Approx. 3-4 litres/m² when filled
Composition Recycled high density polyethylene
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