Attenuation Cell 100

The Bauder Attenuation Cell 100 is designed to hold storm water during severe rain events. The product is over 95% void and has excellent compressive strength for use under green roofs and hard landscaping surfaces. Attenuation Cell 100 is laid on a protection layer above the completed waterproofing to provide continuous drainage within hard and soft landscaping. The Cross Connectors connect the cells together horizontally, the Shear connectors connect two layers of cells should they be required.

Technical Data

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Size 0.6 x 0.6m
Weight (dry) 8.05 kg/m²
Saturated weight 8.05 kg/m²
Thickness 100 mm
Coverage 0.36m²
Compressive strength ≥400kN/m² Vertically
≥100N/m² Laterally
Water storage capacity 0.34 per piece (≥94.4%)
Total capacity would be >91ltrs/m²
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