ALU250 Inspection Chamber

ALU250 Inspection Chamber is made from a perforated aluminium sheet with opening lid used for intensive and extensive soft landscaping, as well as ballasted inverted roofs.

Technical Data

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Dimensions 250mm x 250mm height x 100mm
with support flanges 350mm x 450mm
Supply form Individual units
Weight 950g
Colour Silver grey (RAL 9006)
Composition 1.5mm aluminium (2mm lid)

When landscaping is deeper than 100mm, the 50mm or 100mm height adaptors can be added as necessary to achieve the required height to be level with or slightly proud of the surrounding landscape. 
ALU250 Height Adaptor 50mm ALU250 Height Adaptor 100mm

ALU250 Height Adaptor 50mm

Material: 1.5mm aluminium
Size: 250mm(l) x 250mm(w) x 50(h)
Weight: 250g
Colour: Silver grey (RAL 9006)
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ALU250 Height Adaptor 100mm

Material: 1.5mm aluminium
Size: 250mm(l) x 250mm(w) x 100(h)
Weight: 450g
Colour: Silver grey (RAL 9006)
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