BauderTEC KSD DUO Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL)

A technically advanced self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen air and vapour control layer with patented “DUO” lap technology to ensure thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures. The product features an aluminium foil facing for vapour impermeability and has a 60 g/m² glass reinforcement.

Where to use BauderTEC KSD DUO Air and Vapour Control Layer?

The product is used as an air and vapour control layer for installation over certain existing roof systems and most common deck substrates, including profiled metal decks, following the application of Bauder Activator-Primer. It is also used as the carrier membrane over insulation and timber decks with Bauder Cold Applied Liquid Systems. It is not intended for direct application to concrete decks nor as temporary waterproofing.

Product data sheet

Technical Data

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Roll width
Test method: EN 13970

Roll length 
Test method: EN 13970
Test method: EN 13970
Test method: EN 13970
Tensile properties: Max. tensile force (N/50mm)
Test method: EN 13970
Length: ≥ 400
Transverse: ≥ 400 (N/50mm)
Tensile properties: Elongation 
Test method: EN 13970
Length: ≥ 4
Transverse: ≥ 4 (%)
Flexibility at low temperature
Test method: EN 13970
≤ -30 °C
Water vapour transmission
Test method: EN 13970
≥ 1500m 
Reaction to fire
Test method: EN 13501-1
Class E

Installation guidance

Installation is to be carried out by Bauder Approved Contractors in accordance with the specification and guidelines. Refer to the Bauder Installation Manual for guidance.

Substrate assessment / pre-treatment / preparation: Ensure that the substrate is clean, dry and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil and any other contamination. The substrate must be assessed, treated and prepared in accordance with the Bauder project specification.

General Application: Apply Bauder Activator-Primer as detailed in the Bauder Project specification. For use in Bauder cold applied liquid systems, upstands and details are to be primed with the relevant cold applied liquid system primer. BauderTEC KSD DUO, self-adhesive bitumen membrane is to be fully bonded by removing the release film and rolling into place. Side laps to be a minimum 80mm and head laps 100mm. For ambient / material temperatures higher than +10°C, side laps may be laid blue over red (self-adhered), and all laps rolled using a pressure roller to ensure a satisfactory bond is achieved.

For ambient / material temperatures between +5°C and 10°C side laps are to be laid red over blue and all laps heat sealed by hot air welding. All laps to be pressure rolled to ensure an adequate bond. Note: Self-adhered side laps should not be treated as fully watertight. Therefore, this method should only be used in areas where the remaining layers of the waterproofing system can be completed the same day. Provision should be made by the installer for mechanically fixing the top leading edge of the BauderTEC KSD DUO to all upstand details in excess of 250 mm in height using appropriate fasteners. In the event of doubt, Bauder should be consulted regarding any specific requirement.

Note: The minimum ambient / substrate temperature for the application of BauderTEC KSD DUO is +5°C.

Air and Vapour Control Layer Application: The BauderTEC KSD DUO air and vapour control layer is to be fully bonded up all upstands to finish 100mm above the level of the proposed insulation, terminating at least 50mm short of the proposed finished liquid waterproofing height. It is not for use on new or existing concrete decks; for these applications BauderTEC KSD Mica should be used.