Array design and shading

Shading will adversely affect the output of any solar array whether this is from other buildings, rooftop plant, balustrades or tall trees and all efforts must be made to avoid this. The risk of shading should be limited through design of the array and its location, but some shading could be unavoidable, particularly on congested roofs.

Power Optimisation

If partial shading of some panels is inevitable the entire string will underperform. Installing power optimisers will mitigate this reduction in efficiency and enable each individual panel in the string to be tracked so that the maximum energy is produced.

power optimisation system, such as SolarEdge, will track each module’s performance individually and provides enhanced capabilities so that full visibility of the system’s performance can be scrutinised by the client once the system goes live.

efficiency of traditional power inverterPower optimisation


Monitoring the System

A complete monitoring solution increases the reliability by ensuring that issues can be immediately identified and dealt with quickly, providing the most productive performance on a permanent basis.

Most systems will be web-based to give easy access to real time data.

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